Friday, September 02, 2005

Marshall on η Βασιλεια του θεου

One of our former teachers in Auckland, Chris Marshall has a neat summary article on The Kingdom of God. We were recommended his book Kingdom Come: The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus (Auckland: Impetus Publications, 1993) as a primer on Jesus and the kingdom when I was an undergraduate. Some will know Chris' PhD. work which was published as Faith as a Theme in Mark’s Narrative SSNTMS 64 (Cambridge University Press, 1989) which has since been republished, I think by Eerdmans...?
Dr. Marshall has recently been appointed as the inaugural St John's Senior Lecturer in Christian Theology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. This is a position I am glad that Chris has decided to take. It will help Victoria return from its exile brought about by shoddy scholarship such as that produced by James Veitch in, Jesus of Galilee, Myth and Reality, (Colcom Press, 1994). But I digress... Enjoy the article...

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