Monday, January 16, 2006

New Biblica articles!

Of all the new articles released on Biblica, this one seems the most relevent to New Testament studies.
R. Dalrymple, «These Are the Ones» , Vol. 86 (2005) 396-406.
The thematic features relating to John’s depiction of the righteous in the intercalations of Rev 11,3-13 and 7,1-17 as well as how these features might affect our understanding of Revelation 7,1-17 are examined. Four foci pertaining to the righteous are explicitly present in the account of the Two Witnesses (11,3- 13). All four foci, also, materialize in the description of the 144,000 (7,1-8) and the Great Multitude (7,9-17). However, when we examine Rev 7,1-8, we find that John only incorporates the first two of the four foci (Divine Protection and Witnesses) while in the account of 7,9-17, only the latter two appear (Enduring Persecution and Vindication of the Righteous). If, however, we read Rev 7,1-17 as the account of one group, then the thematic parallels with the intercalation of Rev 11,3-13 are retained.
There is another one in French for all those who speak it: J.-N. Aletti:, «Galates 1–2. Quelle fonction et quelle démonstration?» , Vol. 86(2005) 305-323. This article is an attempt to show the following: (1) Galatians 1,11–2,21 is a unified argument in which vv. 11-12 constitute the propositio; (2) Gal 2,14b-21 represent a short speech bringing the argument to its climax, and (3) Gal 2,16 takes up the Jerusalem agreement about Paul’s Gospel and not only fulfills a rhetorical function within the short speech of v. 14b-21 but also provides the thesis of the argument that unfolds in Galatians 3–4.

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