Thursday, August 03, 2006

Articles update...

The Journal of Philosophy and Scripture has a new set of articles available:

Spring 2006 Volume 3, Issue 2

Lieven Boeve Catholic University of Leuven Negative Theology and Theological Hermeneutics [PDF]

David Alstad Tiessen Wycliffe College, University of Toronto Textuality, Undecidability, and the Story of Jesus [PDF]

James Wetzel Villanova University The Shrewdness of Abraham [PDF]

One should also pay careful attention to Rob Bradshaw's blog. Rob is unleashing some serious articles that many will not be able to find anywhere, except online now, due to Rob's efforts. I make mention again of the excellent article: Rev. George B. Caird, Jesus and the Jewish Nation. The Ethel M. Wood lecture delivered before the University of London on 9 March 1965. London: The Athlone Press, 1965. Pbk. pp.22. and C.H. Dodd, "The Framework of the Gospel Narrative," Expository Times 43 (1932): 396-400.
Lastly, Bird, Michael F. "The Formation of the Gospels in the Setting of Early Christianity: the Jesus Tradition as Corporate Memory," Westminster Theological Journal 67.1 (2005): 113-94, has been made available on Apollos.
Happy Reading...

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