Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'll Be Back...

Greetings Fellow Bloggers!
M a r r i e d L i f e i s G R E A T !
Thanks so much for all the comments and best wishes. I'll be returning to the Blogosphere late next week with some fresh thoughts about early Christianity and the writings of the New Testament. I too have jumped on the bandwagon, and it's an exciting ride. I won't comment on this, as Chris is doing a fine job.
Rather, I wish to return to some earlier research on James 5:6 as an echo of Jesus' death. [Anyone knowing any material on this specific verse/topic should please comment or email me.] Then I'll be looking at some more material on apostolic ministry in the writings of Luke and Paul. Finally, I'm looking forward to some research time in the near future to do some work on Mark 15:39, following the direction offerred by D. Juel.
Take care, chat soon...

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Edmund said...

yo gee

good to hear from you again.

send me a mail or give me a call!