Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Eucharistic Aims of Jesus

Brant Pitre, author of Jesus, the Tribulation and the End of Exile, has a brief post on his new project, provisionally titled: The Eucharistic Aims of Jesus. Pitre's aims are expressed as:

[An] attempt [at] full-scale reassessment of Jesus and the Last Supper in light of the recent advances in Jesus research, especially restoration eschatology. You would be amazed at just how small a role the Last Supper has played in many of the major historical portraits of Jesus in the century and how people have failed to connect it with the rest of his public ministry (e.g., E. P. Sanders).

I asked Pitre if he was going to interact with McKnight's proposal, and the response was positive, even hinting at some critical engagement which will be interesting to participate in. If this new offering is anything like Pitre's first offering, we will have much to give thanks for.

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