Thursday, August 16, 2007

Book Meme

Sean the Baptist notes the Book meme going around... These are books that I thoroughly enjoyed, struggle with, and go back to time and time again...

  • Gospels: Jesus and the Eyewitnesses by Bauckham
  • Pauline Studies: In Search of Paul by Crossan & Reed
  • Historical Jesus: Jesus and the Victory of God by N. T. Wright
  • Theology: The Suffering of God by T. Fretheim or The Drama of Doctrine by Vanhoozer
  • Pneumatology: God’s Empowering Presence by G. Fee
  • Science and Theology: The Faith of a Physicist by J. Polkinghorne
  • Ethics: The Moral Vision of the New Testament by R. Hays
  • Hermeneutics: Is There a Meaning in this Text? by K. J. Vanhoozer
  • Novels: I don’t read novels, but I did read Crossan's book on Jesus, does that count?


Nance said...
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Nance said...

I'm about to read Polkinghorne(Exploring Reality) for the first time for a course I'm in, so it's good to see him up here.
I have to say though, you really should consider trying some fiction from time to time(and no, bad history does not count!). If it's just a quick read like Chesterton's short-stories, or a novel of Lewis's or Charles Williams's, there's so much to be gained, I think, from these great minds and from the images they penned.

Sean said...

Excellent reading Nance, and I think you're right. I'm trying to read more poetry, but reading is actually hard for me, and I've never had a passion to read anything more than biblical studies so it's hard. One day I'll plummet into the reality of fiction, until then Crossan and the ilk will have to do... Their imagination is just as great!