Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Audience of 1 Peter [II]

For those interested in the discussion between myself, Joel B. Green and Torrey Seland regarding the audience of 1 Peter, and more specifically Ben Witherington's arguments for a predominantly Jewish audience then check out the intro to 1 Peter by Witherington and Torrey Selland's post 1 Peter written for Jews? (II).
Reading through Witherington's arguments, they don't appear as weak as I had first imagined. His explanations for the critical passages [1:14, 18; 2:10, 25 and 4:3-4], appear to be reasonable, even though I'm still not convinced that his case is a strong one. The link above, to the introduction, is a valuable resource if you don't have the book yet [Yes, mine did arrive yesterday!].
On other matters related to this, Joel Green, author of the THNT commentary on 1 Peter, has directed my attention to E. Randolph Richards' book, Paul and First-Century Letter Writing. I'm hoping that this will deal with the issue raised in Green's commentary, quoted before, regarding "Letter-Carriers" as performers and interpreters of the epistles that they carry and deliver.

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