Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pauline Mission

In doing research on Mission in 1 Peter, I found parts of John Dickson's Ph D Thesis, which are very thought provoking, check it out...

Mission-Commitment in Ancient Judaism and in the Pauline Communities:
The shape, extent and background of early Christian mission.
The extent to which Jewish and Christian communities of the first century evidenced ‘proselytising’ tendencies has been hotly contested in recent research, with scholars tending either to deny outright or affirm emphatically the presence of ‘mission’ in the synagogue or the church. In a wide-ranging historical and philological examination of Second Temple Jewish literature and the epistles of Paul, Dr. Dickson offers a carefully nuanced picture of the shape and extent of mission-commitment in Judaism and early Christianity.
Click here to read: Table of Contents (pdf) Introduction (pdf) Chapter 1 Winning the Gentiles (pdf) Chapter 3 Heralds and partners (pdf)
Review 1 (pdf) in the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. Review 2 (pdf) in the Toronto Journal of Theology. Click here to go to the publisher

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