Monday, October 05, 2009

Adolf Schlatter Commentaries on the New Testament

Das Evangelium nach Matthäus
Die Evangelien nach Markus und Lukas
Das Evangelium nach Johannes
Die Apostelgeschichte
Der Brief an die Römer
Die Korintherbriefe
Die Briefe an die Galater, Epheser, Kolosser und Philemon
Die Briefe an die Thessalonicher, Philipper, Timotheus und Titus
Die Briefe des Petrus. Judas, Jakobus, der Brief an die Hebräer
Die Briefe und die Offenbarung des Johannes
These are in pdf format. Enjoy!
HT: NT Gateway


Gerschi said...

That's great news. I'm a big fan of Schlatter and I own some of his scholarly commentaries. They are still very valuable. But to get his Erläuterungen zum Neuen Testament as pdf-files is amazing. Old as they are, they are full of good thoughts and rather helpful for preparing a sermon or a bible study.

Thanks a lot for pointing us to them!


hulsey said...

Adolf Schlatter is the reason I'm learning German. It's a tragedy that he's not well known in America.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get these links to work. Is it me or are the links no longer active? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Why do the links not work?