Friday, April 06, 2012

Crucified for Fellowship

In a beautiful statement, Marcus Borg describes the meaning of Jesus' acts of table-fellowship.

Jesus’ practice of table fellowship and his teaching concerning issues related to table fellowship contravened the understanding of Israel as a holy, separated community.  In this context, table-fellowship cannot be described simply as festive celebration and acceptance, but as a political act of national significance: to advocate and practice a different form of table fellowship was to protest against the present structures of Israel.  Moreover, there was more than protest – an alternative program was advocated for the people of God in their historical existence.[1]

A significant part of the reason Jesus was crucified, is for these kinds of acts.  They may look innocent to us, but because they are a part of Jesus' larger mission, they must be seen in relationship to one another.  

[1] Borg, Conflict, Holiness and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus, 120-21.

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