Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Articles on Johannine Literature

Articles by Dr. Köstenberger

  • “The ‘Greater Works’ of the Believer According to John 14:12,” Didaskalia 6 (1995): 36–45. Reprinted in Studies in John and Gender.
  • “The Seventh Johannine Sign: A Study in John’s Christology,” Bulletin for Biblical Research 5 (1995): 87–103. Reprinted in Studies in John and Gender.
  • “The Challenge of a Systematized Biblical Theology: Missiological Insights from the Gospel of John,” Missiology 23 (1995): 445–64. Reprinted in Studies in John and Gender.
  • “Frühe Zweifel an der johanneischen Verfasserschaft des vierten Evangeliums in der modernen Interpretationsgeschichte,” European Journal of Theology 5 (1996): 37–46. Translated in Studies in John and Gender.
  • “Jesus as Rabbi in the Fourth Gospel,” Bulletin of Biblical Research 8 (1998): 97–128. Reprinted in Studies in John and Gender.
  • "A Comparison of the Pericopae of Jesus' Anointing." Pp. 17–47 in Studies in John and Gender (New York: Peter Lang, 2001). Read the Article.
  • “Jesus the Good Shepherd Who Will Also Bring Other Sheep (John 10:16): The Old Testament Background of a Familiar Metaphor,” Bulletin of Biblical Research 12 (2002): 67–96. Read the Article.
  • "'What is Truth?' Pilate's Question to Jesus in Its Johannine and Larger Biblical Context." Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 48/1 (2005): 33-62. Read the Article.
  • "The Destruction of the Second Temple and the Composition of the Fourth Gospel." Trinity Journal 26 NS/2 (Fall 2005):205-42. Read the Article.
  • "The Moral Vision of John." Midwestern Journal of Theology (forthcoming). Read the Article

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