Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gospel? Genre?

Chris Weimer said... "As a genre, a gospel is a theological treatise in the form of a biography. I think the Gospel of Judas fits that description."

Now, I'm not as interested in this with regards to the gospel of Judas, but I am very interested in this with regards to the general definition of gospel, with regards to genre. Especially given the work of Richard A. Burridge in What Are the Gospels?: A Comparison with Greco-Roman Biography.
  • What do you think? [Especially my nemesis who has my copy of this brilliant work!]
  • How would you define "gospel" with regards to genre?
  • How would you define the gospel genre of the usual suspects? [Matt, Marko, Lukas and Johno]
  • Would theological treatise include historical narratives that account for actual events?
  • Would Luke's genre and John's genre be different, significantly different?

These thoughts capture my imagination as I head off to Stellenbosch university library to read debates about the resurrection of Jesus between, Habermas and Flew; Craig and Ludemann and more recently, Crossan and Wright.

Since this will be the topic of my Easter announcement.

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