Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Virgin Birth?

Chris Tilling discusses the Virgin Birth and poses a difficult question. I have discussed the Infancy narratives and the issues of history. But the theological question is quite hard. I must confess that I follow Wright wholeheartedly on this one. His essay, God's Way of Acting is the best treatment of it that I have read.
No one can prove, historically, that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was conceived. No one can prove, historically, that she wasn't. Science studies the repeatable; history bumps its nose against the unrepeatable. If the first two chapters of Matthew and the first two of Luke had never existed, I do not suppose that my own Christian faith, or that of the church to which I belong, would have been very different. But since they do, and since for quite other reasons I have come to believe that the God of Israel, the world's creator, was personally and fully revealed in and as Jesus of Nazareth, I hold open my historical judgment and say: If that's what God deemed appropriate, who am I to object?
Thus, I find it hard to really object to it...

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