Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Commentaries on James

Parableman lists these as forthcoming commentaries on James. I'm mostly looking forward to Allison, McKnight and Witherington. Joel Green may surprise me, I hope but Kloppenborg probably won't.

Dale Allison (ICC) - it will be good to see how Allison handles the echoes of Jesus' teachings in James.

Bill Baker (Two Horizons NTC)

Daniel Doriani (REC)

Timothy George (BTCB)

Joel B. Green (NT Library)

John S. Kloppenborg (Hermenia) - how has James appropriated the 3rd strata of "Q"? Or is James the source of "Q"?

Dan G. McCartney (Bakers Exegetical CNT)

Scot McKnight (NICNT replacement) - What exegetical insights will McKnight bring to the table? A New Vision for Israel perhaps? (cf. Jas 1:1)

Ben Witherington (Letters and Homilies of the NT, fall 2007) - Sapiential Sage?

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jdarlack said...

Oh man, that means I'm gonna have to stretch my book budget for some more stuff on James (it's my hobby to collect all things Jacobean).

I'm particularly looking forward to Bill Baker's commentary. His monograph on Speech-Ethics in James is worth a look, and may be an indicator of good things to come.

I too am not sure about Kloppenborg on James, though it will be interesting to see how he treats the Jesus tradition in James.

I'm looking forward to the commentaries by Allison, McKnight, Witherington and Green as well.

Have fun with all things Jacobean. I'm looking forward to more.