Friday, February 09, 2007

Fabricating Jesus

Craig Evans new book: Fabricating Jesus is causing a stir, as we should expect.
Table of Contents Preface Introduction 1. Misplaced Faith and Misguided Suspicion: Old and New School Skeptics 2. Cramped Starting Points and Overly Strict Critical Methods: The Question of Authenticity 3. Questionable Texts--
Part I. The Gospel of Thomas 4. Questionable Texts--
Part II. The Gospel of Peter, The Egerton Gospel, the Gospel of Mary and the Secret Gospel of Mark 5. Alien Contexts: The Case Against Jesus as Cynic 6. Skeletal Sayings: Maxims Without a Context 7.Diminished Deeds: A Fresh Look at Healings and Miracles 8. Dubious Uses of Josephus: Understanding Late Antiquity 9. Anachronisms and Exaggerated Claims: Christianities Lost and Otherwise 10. Hokum History and Bogus Findings: Jesus Between the Lines 11. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Unfabricating His Aims and Claims
Appendix 1. Agrapha: Free-floating Sayings of Jesus Appendix 2. What Should We Think About the Gospel of Judas?
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