Friday, October 05, 2007

IBR - Articles

Torrey Seland notes the following:
The Institute for Biblical Research has launched its new web page with a new URL. Try this one:
In addition to diverse postings of information concerning the activities of the institute, they now also launch a new availablity to the articles of Bulletin for Biblical Research.
BBR Articles Listed by Date (Full text 1991-2004.1; abstracts 2005.1-2007.1)
BBR Articles Listed by Authors The BBR articles listed on their page are found in the following three formats:*.html (Web format for quick viewing on your computer screen);*.doc (Microsoft Word format for using in word processing);*.pdf (Adobe Acrobat format for printing and viewing exactly formatted).
I'm still on leave from work at the moment, catching up on some lovely Birthday reading -> all about Thessalonians, which is very exciting. So back soon... In a week or two...

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