Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Reviews

Thanks to Torrey Seland for alerting me to his book review on The Pentecostal Commentary on 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude by Rebecca Skaggs, Pilgrim, 2004pp. xiv + 176. This caused me to look for other book reviews on 1 Peter, since that is the focus of my attention these days. I found some good reviews, such as:
1 Peter: A Commentary on First Peter Achtemeier, Paul Fortress, 1996
Reviews: 1 Review by J. Ramsey Michaels
1 Peter Jobes, Karen H.Grand Rapids: Baker, 2005
Reviews: 1 Review by John Elliott, published 10/15/2006
Reviews: 1 Review by Timothy Wiarda, published 5/26/2007
Argument and Theology in 1 Peter: The Origins of Christian Paraenesis Thurén, Lauri Sheffield Academic Press, 1995
Reviews: 1 Review by M. Eugene Boring
Reviews: 1 Review by John H. Elliott, published 4/14/2007
Compositional Transitions in 1 Peter: An Analysis of the Letter-Opening Tite, Philip L. International Scholars Publications, 1997
Reviews: 1 Review by John L. White
First and Second Peter, James, and Jude Perkins, Pheme John Knox Press, 1995
Reviews: 1 Review by Andrew Chester
Following in His Steps: Suffering, Community, and Christology in 1 Peter Bechtler, Steven Scholars Press for the SBL, 1998
Reviews: 1 Review by Troy W. Martin
Reviews: 2 Reviews by Timothy Wiarda, published 10/16/2007
Patrick J. Hartin, published 3/8/2008
Honor, Shame and the Rhetoric of 1 Peter Campbell, Barth Scholars Press, 1998
Reviews: 1 Review by David De Silva, published 3/15/2000
However, one soon discovers that there are some significant books that have not been reviewed. None of John H. Elliott's books on 1 Peter have been reviewed. [The search results said "Try Again"]. Ok, so it's going to be tough to review a 956pg commentary, but someone out there should do it! Although Troy Martin has reviewed a book, see above, his book on 1 Peter remains un-reviewed. I find books reviews from this site generally very helpful, unless they're in a foreign language! So for those who love book reviewing, there's some openings here.
BTW, for some fortunate soul, there is Reading First Peter With New Eyes: Methodological Reassessments of the Letter of First Peter Webb, Robert and Betsy Bauman-Martin, editors T&T Clark, 2007 available for review. So get on to that, and when you're done with it, send it to me!

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Bryan L said...

There is a very favorable (from what I remember) review by Paul Achtemeier of Elliot's Peter commentary in Biblical Theology Bulletin. You can read it on Find Articles.
Here is the link (I've split it up so it will fit so you will have to put it together)