Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Emerging Primal?

What's all the fuss about? Sunday night @Primal, we had a gathering - students, children, teenagers and those more mature than us. We had worship, we had interaction, we had the Spirit. So why label this gathering "emerging church"? And what do we mean by that? I've never set out to be "emerging" in running primal.
What I've always tried to do is remain faithful to scripture, and relevant to the culture. Sometimes these two cohere, sometimes they clash. Wisdom and Experience show us ways forward. In an effort to further the conversation, and to explore this "emerging" phenomenon, here's a little dictionary from my teacher and blog friend, Steve Taylor [New Zealand]
A to Z of the Emerging Church"[] In Genesis 2 - "adam" is invited to name creation. The desire to name the emerging church could thus be part of our God-given ability to use language to describe and understand. While “adam” named creation, yet no companion was found. “Adam” remained incomplete. A certain humility is therefore intrinsic to naming. To name is not an act of limitation, but an act of partiality, part of a search for completeness. We seem reluctant to name the emerging church. Perhaps our naming yet lacks an alphabet. We need some A, B, C’s before we can spell the word. So in a spirit of Genesis 2, and in partiality...
I'm not sure if this blog is the right forum for this... Not sure if I wanted to mix business [writing an academic thesis] with pleasure [helping run primal]... But alas, the two are fused because what I learn about Jesus affects the way we run primal, the way I experience Jesus @primal, will affect my academic study of Jesus for my thesis. The two are inseperable... At least, I think they are ? ? ?

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