Friday, June 10, 2005

Rome vs. Jesus

Jeffery Gibson allerts me to a fantastic article that I had missed, The Gospel of Rome vs. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is an article by Marianne P. Bonz of Harvard university on the early Christian response to the theological challenge posed by "the gospel of Rome" promulgated in the Imperial Cult. From the companion Web Site tothe PBS Frontline Series From Jesus to Christ.
I'm also very excited by the prospects of Philip Harland's new blog. See his post Honouring the Emperor. His website seems very helpful as well, especially his short intro article on Imperial Cults. Those interested in New Testament studies will have to familiarise themselves with this sort of thing as it seems to be the norm given the Fresh Perspective on this issue. Hopefully time will permit more blogging of reflections and thoughts later...
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eddie said...

You might want to check out this article as well.

'Up against Caesar: Jesus and Paul versus the empire'