Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Craig Evans

Check out Craig Evans excellent powerpoint presentations, and brief introductions to Jesus and the background of early Christianity/Judaism. These powerpoint presentations will aid as a good teaching resource that can be supplemented by your lecture notes.
I've just been reading through each of them on the quest, Jesus in Context, Burial traditions, Inscriptions, Papyri, Apocryphal gospels and even The Da Vinci Code. They provide brief snippets of information and great pictures to accompany the text. A very helpful presentation that may find its way into great use for my teaching! Thanks Dr. Evans!
Many will also be happy to hear that Evans fantastic book, NonCanonical Writings and the New Testament has been completely re:written and published as: Ancient Texts for New Testament Students. This will be a great help to students, and I have found the former edition invaluable. I would also suggest that Evans book, Jesus and His Contemporaries ranks as one of the best books on the historical Jesus ever written. So check it out!

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