Friday, August 26, 2005

Veritas Forum

The Veritas Forum has loads of audio files by respected scholars on Jesus.
The topics discussed are many and varied and they include lectures by philosophers like Dallas Willard, Peter Kreeft, W. L. Craig, Vinoth Ramachandra, preachers like John Stott, Ravi Zacharias, and biblical scholars such as Grant Osbourne, N.T. Wright and Craig Blomberg.
While these appear to be from an evangelical perspective, they look to be quite interesting. The forum has links to many other lectures on various topics from a Christian perspective that appear to be helpful for those interested. For those who don't have access to hearing live lectures by some of these scholars it's an added bonus to be able to download them and listen to them whenever you want to. They're all now in my audio library for use at my request.
How nice!

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Alan S. Bandy said...

Thanks for the link!