Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Question that Drives us

In the beginning, an empty space. A word breaks the silence, bespeaks a universe; the world dawns. More words; nondescript space acquires shape, becomes a place for forms emerging from the dust. The stage is set. Action!

To be or not to be is not the question, nor our choice. We are “thrown into existence,” says Martin Heidegger. We simply find ourselves in a world. We are here, onstage, with many others. Unaided reason cannot tell us why we are here or what we are to do… Today we have more information about life, and more techniques for sustaining life, than ever before, but we remain flummoxed with regard to the questions of life’s meaning. We have mapped the galaxy, but we are still trying to get our bearings. We have mapped the human genome, but we are still trying to determine what we are. We need guidance as we seek to play our parts, prompting as we grope for our next lines.

Since Chris thinks that Kelly cheated, which I'm sure is just jealousy on Chris' part, I'll let him give the reference to this quote by a rising star among the 'postconservative' crowd. However, extra points go to the person who can state where the heading comes from.
[Hint: It's not a book!]


Kelly Liebengood said...


Chris Tilling said...

Yea, these are the opening words to Vanhoozer's new book, The Drama of Doctrine - I know, I read them the other da. And the title. The Matrix!

P.S., I was jealous, yes. The cheat.

Chris Tilling said...

And Morpheus said it ...