Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anthologies of Primary Sources

So following on the from the previous post, I've been thinking about alerting my students to some primary source material. I realise there are dangers in isolating various texts from their respective contexts, but I also feel that they are helpful in establishing the necessary context in which to read the New Testament writings. So here's a couple that I've found useful. If you know of any others, please suggest them!
    • C. K. Barrett, The New Testament Background: Selected Documents
    • M. Harding, Early Christian Life and Thought in Social Context
    • L. H. Feldman & M. Reinhold, Jewish Life and Thought Among Greeks and Romans
    • V. M. Warrior, Roman Religion: A Sourcebook
    • J. Shelton, As the Romans Did: A Sourcebook in Roman Social History
    • B. D. Ehrman, Lost Scriptures: Books that Did Not Make it into the New Testament
    • M. Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers
    • B. Davenport, The Portable Roman Reader

These books have been utterly helpful with introducing me to the wide variety of literature that make up the world of the 1st Century (pertaining to the study of early Christianity). Many of them have valuable introductions, and background information which show how the source is to be understood. Many of these also provide helpful bibliographies for further research, which is excellent. Some of these are also very helpful in that they arrange them thematically, which can be excessively helpful for those doing research on particular topics.

Go and enjoy some primary sources!

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Brandon said...

Excellent list. Though not a "reader", Craig Evans Ancient Texts for New Testament Studies is a helpful book on primary sources as well.