Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Structure of Revelation

Bauckham, The Theology of the Book of Revelation, pg. 21-22
1:1-8 Prologue
1:9-3:22 Inaugural vision of Christ and seven messages to churches
4:1-5:14 Inaugural vision of heaven leading to three series of sevens and two intercalations
6:1-8:1; 8:3-5 Seven seals
8:2; 8:6-11:19 Seven trumpets
12:1-14:20; 15:2-4 Story of God’s people in conflict with evil
15:1; 15:5-16:21 Seven bowls
17:1-19:10 Babylon the harlot
19:11-21:8 Transition from Babylon to New Jerusalem
21:9-22:5 The New Jerusalem, the Bride
22:6-21 Epilogue
Looking at this structure, I’m curious if B. W. Longenecker’s thesis about chain links in the text can be seen in other places, or even throughout, in Revelation? [See “Linked like a Chain: Rev. 22:6-9 in Light of Ancient Transition Technique” NTS 47 (2001), pp. 105-17]. Witherington notes that “this technique [is] where one introduces the next topic before concluding the first one and then concludes the former argument or presentation.” [Witherington, Revelation, pg. 17]
See also Alan Bandy, The Macro-Structure of Revelation from Bauckham.

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