Friday, May 19, 2006

Intertextuality File?

I was convinced that I had a file [PDF?], from a UBS Greek NT, with tables that show where the New Testament directly quotes from or alludes to the Hebrew scriptures. I was under the impression that this table showed the references for every NT book, chapter and verse with the corresponding reference to the Hebrew scriptures. IS there such a file that shows the intertextuality or is there something else that would work just as well?
Is there such a thing? Does anyone know where I could find this online? I'm completely at a loss, and I've searched high and low - but to no avail...

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jdarlack said...

The UBS4 and NA27 both have indices of OT quotes and allusions in the NT (given in OT order). They are also cited in NT order within the actual text (either in the margins [NA27] or in footnotes [UBS4]). Other than these, there are also several print resources that help locate allusions and quotes to the OT in early Jewish and Christian literature. Roy Ciampa has an excellent list of such indices at his website. I've been toying with a way of graphically representing OT quotes and allusions in the NT. See my blog post here. Also, Jeff Jackson has put together a few electronic "synopsis files" that enables anyone working with BibleWorks or with Libronix to see a quick list of allusions while automatically displaying the texts associated. BibleWorks and Libronix have already incorporated Jeff's synopsis files into their base programs.