Sunday, May 21, 2006

James the Just

James Darlack provides not only a useful blog, but a helpful entry on James the Just. His blog includes links to several essays and articles having to do with James. I must confess to be rather ignorant regarding James and his relationship to Jesus and early Christianity but it is an area I am intrigued by, and hopefully will get to one day when they stop publishing books about Jesus...

James has a wonderful entry noting several articles from the SBJT.

The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology has published an entire issue on the Epistle of James (vol. 4, no. 3 [2000]). This issue has been made available online by Southern Seminary. Download the complete complete Journal as a PDF file here. Or download the individual articles below: 2

Editorial: Thomas R. SchreinerPractical Christianity 4

Dan G. McCartneyThe Wisdom of James the Just 66

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jdarlack said...

Thanks for posting about my blog, Sean. You made my day!