Thursday, May 18, 2006

Once More: Pistis Christou

The Bird has comments on Mark Siefrid's position on the now famous, Pistis Christou debate. According Siefrid [assuming the Bird has represented him properly, which I think he has]

Proponents of the subjective genitive can displace the significance of Christ's atoning death for a moral ideal of fidelity.

But my question is how and why are these two mutually exclusive? I thought one of the points of Hays dissertation was to show that these are not mutually exclusive? Or have I missed something significant? Jesus' Faithfulness is what leads to our atonement. Without his faithfulness, there is no atonement. And precisely because Jesus has modelled faithfulness, that becomes a moral ideal of fidelity.
Or, is Siefrid interested in returning/correcting the balance of emphasis that's placed on the atoning death of Christ, according to his own understanding of that, which fits [neatly?] into Reformation [Penal Substitution] categories [Which are, questionably, Paul's emphasis?]?
I would read the book, but my list of things to read is tight and heavy - so it aint gonna happens for a long time...

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