Monday, November 28, 2005


One thing I love about Auckland are my favourite second hand bookshops! I just wondered into one this morning and what do I find [and now own!]
  • Revelation - Osbourne
  • Romans - Dunn
  • Hearing the Whole Story - Horsley
  • Introducing Early Christianity - Guy [My former teacher]
  • According to the Scriptures - Dodd
  • The Essential Josephus - Maier

Plus, it cost me what Osbourne would have cost me if I bought it new, so that was simply nice. Bird's helpful advice that one should only buy books that one has either used, or will definitely use - has saved me a penny. The only ones I really need for my research is Horsely, but Maier on Josephus [with some nice colour photo's and captions] will be a nice help. Osbourne is headed back to SA soon so that I can begin reading the big three, and prepare a preaching series. And the rest will stay in NZ, with the rest of my library :(

I found Truth on Trial by Lincoln but decided that someone else needed it more than I did, and I won't read for ages to come... Merry Christmas Buddy! The rest will make good holiday reading! I'm half way through McKnight's Jesus and His Death, and will hopefully post on that soon. ciao

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Michael F. Bird said...

Sean, glad to hear that you landed okay and found a choice 2nd hand book shop - you scored some choice works too! Also, the article arrived, thanks a bunch.