Friday, November 04, 2005

Shopping List

Bryan Lee notes what books he intends to buy at SBL this year and wants to know what others are getting. While I don't have the luxury of going to SBL [not yet at least] I do have the privilege of getting some books when I return to New Zealand for Christmas.
  • Sean Freyne: Galilee: From Alexander the Great to Hadrian
  • Scot McKnight: Jesus and His Death
  • G. R. Beasley-Murray: Jesus and the Kingdom of God
  • E. M. Smallwood: The Jews under Roman Rule
  • John Nolland: The Gospel of Matthew
  • R. David Kaylor: Jesus the Prophet
These should keep me out of mischief for at least a shortish time. Well, at least until I get back to South Africa! January will be a hectic month with Summer Camp and various speaking engagements...

1 comment:

Michael F. Bird said...

1. Don't bother with Kaylor, it's average.
2. Beasley-Murray is also a bit dated as is Freyne on Galilee. Studies on Galilee by Horsley, Reed and Chancey are better (of course, if you can get it for a bargain, please do).