Monday, November 28, 2005

Intertextuality and the Community Hypothesis

P.J. Williams has a quick reflection on Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus. Almost as an aside, he mentions that Ehrman accepts that 1 Tim 5:18 quotes Luke 10:7.
Sporadic as my brain is, I wonder if one could use intertextuality between the Gospels and New Testament literature to show that there was an early and wide circulation of the gospels? Would this be a further way of demonstrating Bauckham's thesis? Or would that just prove that Oral Tradition was prevalent in the early communities? What would it take to demonstrate that Paul used a gospel and not just oral tradition?

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Chris Tilling said...

With respect to your questions, you'll perhaps want to save a bit of money for the release of Bauckham's forthcoming book on the Gospels and eyewitnesses - which he tells me is his biggest ever (over 200,000 words!).