Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jesus and His Death

Ben Myers may be a lucky blogger because he got a copy of Jesus Remembered, but my MOM is the coolest in the world, cause she got me a copy of Jesus and His Death by Scot McKnight! [For those who want a foretaste there is a brief snippet available here.]
I'm really looking forward to reading this book, given my interest in the discussion. I read his chapter on Jesus` Death in Scholarship which was most enlightening. So here's hoping to a great read!
Table of Contents
----Part One: The Debate
1 The Historical Jesus, the Death of Jesus, Historiography, and Theology
2 Jesus` Death in Scholarship
3 Re-enter Jesus` Death
----Part Two: The Reality of a Premature Death
4 The Leading Foot in the Dance of Atonement
5 A Temporary Presence in God`s Providence
6 Jesus and the Prophetic Fate
----Part Three: A Ransom for Many
7 The Authenticity of the Ransom SayingExcursus: The Son of Man
8 Jesus and the Scripture Prophets
9 The Script for Jesus
10 Jesus and the Servant
11 The Passion Predictions
----Part Four: Jesus and the Last Supper
12 Pesah in Jewish History
13 Pesah and the Last Supper
14 This Bread and This Cup
15 Jesus and the Covenant
16 "Poured Out" and Eschatology
17 Conclusions
Excursus: Chasing Down Paul`s Theological Ship
Works Cited
Scripture Index
Author Index
Subject Index


Ben Myers said...

I'm glad I'm not the only lucky one....

Chris Tilling said...
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Chris Tilling said...

Sean, ignore mean Ben. This sounds like an interesting book, especially as atonement theory is so much of a hot potato at the mo, especially in Britain after Steve Chalke's The Lost Message. I'd be interested to read your thoughts as you read through it.
All the best,