Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well, not exactly, but a new found friend called "Pete" from East Grinstead has kindly allowed me to invade his office and steal some broadband... YAY!

London has been amazing! Did the whole of London over two days, everything from the London Eye, to St. Paul's Cathedral which was by far the best experience of this whole trip, sight seeing wise. The best experience, apart from meeting new people was actually a prayer meeting here in East Grinstead on Saturday night. We started at about 9:45pm and ended at about 2am. The Joy of being YOUNG! A gathered group of Students and those in their twenties were there to pray for the Up and coming NEWDAY event, which I'm privileged to be a part of. It was a significant time and I feel that God has some significant plans for them as they pioneer into this community with the model set by Jesus. I'm recommending that they grab Scot McKnight's rad new book, The JESUS Creed, and work through it first with their leaders and then with their "glo" groups [glo groups resemble our 'tribal' groups back home.
I'm hoping to do some blogging on various things I've been reading, but I've also got to check and recheck my lecture for NewDay, making sure all the bugs are out - and all the deep stuff in. Thanks for the prayers, its been well worth it.


Michael F. Bird said...


If ya get time, don't forget that second hand book shop in North London.

Sean du Toit said...

I'm definitely going to try, but without any names or clues as to exactly where, I fear it's going to be quite hard...