Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stealth Blogging?

One is perplexed that a New Testament scholar like Ben Witherington can have his own blog for months, and no-one knows, or is talking about it.
possibly due to the nature of the blog, Ben talks about the spreading of Christianity in Russia and Movies, Movies and more Movies, but even then. I'm also surprised at how many comments and blogs there are on recent films. Is Ben changing careers? He seems to be quite the cultural critic, responding to the use of cell-phones, comics, to poetry, and to movies et. al.
And when on earth does he grab time to watch all these movies, write the blogs and still produce the amount of literature that he manages to produce, which I think is quality stuff? Either this is a different Ben Witherington, and I doubt that, or here we have the making of an evangelical super hero with stealth blogging abilities and... I don't know what else is needed to do what he does...

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