Saturday, July 16, 2005


Well folks it looks like I'm in London! I spent the day wondering around, and found my way into St. Paul's Cathedral - WOW! What an experience of the GREATNESS of YHWH, and their awe for the GOD of creation. It was wonderful to explore the place in depth and I even managed to pick up some more literature [don't have any clue when I'm supposed to read all the literature I've gathered on this trip!!]
I'm missing blogging at the moment, just because I'm all over the place and am not plugging my laptop in anywhere to read mails and stuff. It's just random visits to the Internet Cafe's which gets rather expensive after emailing people and checking the latest updates. Ah, the students life!
However, when I get back home, I'm planning to tackle the problem and issue raised by mark Goodacre's post: What is Consensus?

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