Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pilate & stuff

Talking about W. Carter and his excellent research on the gospel of Matthew, and now John too. His latelst project is another book on John, maybe a commentary? Much like his one on Matthew? Wow, that would be interesting! And there's a fab article online by him on Pilate. It details some of the issues inherent in doing the kind of research I am trying to do, which is helpful stuff to know.
anyway, London is doing good. But today is research day, so alas, no exploring! Which is a good thing cause then I won't be tempted to buy any more books! I couldn't resist getting: The Written Gospel which is a collection of articles on the gospels form, content, origin and development, edited by Markus Bockmuehl and Donald A. Hagner. Cambridge Uni. provides a nice excerpt for thos interested. I'm particularly looking forward to reading: Eye-witness memory and the writing of the Gospels by Martin Hengel, one of the world's finest New Testament scholars. Apparently, Richard Baukham is set to write a book on this topic. That would be excellent, given his intruiging article about it in the first JSHJ issue.
back to work...
Doing some research, I cam across an article: The Secret of the Transmission of the Unwritten Jesus Tradition by Birger Gerhardsson. Published in New Test. Stud. 51, pp. 1–18. For those interested. I don't know how long it will be available for, so download it and read it later if you can't now. Gerhardsson's book: Memory and Manuscript: Oral Tradition and Written Transmission in Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity [Eerdmans, 1998] is solid piece arguing for much of the Jesus Tradition.
My collection of these sorts of articles is growing rapidly, so that whenever I have some free time, I can always find a good article to read in my own personal saved library!


Michael F. Bird said...


I have quite a collection of articles on this topic myself. If ya want my bibliography to date, send me an email and I'll forward it to ya.

Anyone else want a bibliography on stuff on the oral tradition while I'm at it?

Gareth Naude said...

Keep posting these links buddy, my own library (while probably miles and miles from yours) is growing thanks to your diligent linking