Sunday, July 31, 2005

Final Blog from the UK

Well, this will be my final blog from the UK, the highlight of my trip is probably NewDay - [the link will take you to an online diary of the whole event!] the reason I came to England. My lecture went down well, despite a few technical difficulties with laptop's and DVD's freezing in places they were not supposed to do so! I'm thankful to my friends for inviting me out - it was well worth the effort!

Blogging may slow down for a while as I process the books I've got, the emails I'm behind on, the friends I've neglected for the month I've been away for, the girl whom I've missed more than anything else, and the pile of work waiting for me at home... Joy, Joy, unspeakable Joy! We've got a Student Camp the weekend I get back and then I'm off for two days and then the race will start up once again. Maybe I can get back to the intended purpose of this blog. MY THESIS!
So to all those I met, interacted with, had fun with, worshipped GOD with, and then said good-bye too, thanks for making my trip so fab.
See ya next year - hopefully!

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