Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Perspective on Paul

Mike Bird has offered a Bibliographic Essay, which is rather helpful, on the New Perspective. While I am not currently reading anything closely related to this, I did browse through the Bibliography and note a number of articles mentioned, that are now available online.
N. T. Wright, “The Paul of History and the Apostle of Faith,” TynBul 29 (1978): 61-88 Synopsis: The debate between E Käsemann and K Stendahl about justification and salvation history may be resolved with the help of a new overall view of Pauline theology. For Paul, the messiah represents his people, so that a crucified messiah means a crucified Israel. This provides Paul with his critique of Israel, aimed not at "works-righteousness" but at "national righteousness". Paul has been distorted by various schools of NT criticism: this view combines their strong points while avoiding their weaknesses.
N.T. Wright, “Gospel and Theology in Galatians,” in Gospel in Paul: Studies on Corinthians, Galatians and Romans for Richard N. Longenecker, eds. L. Ann Jervis and Peter Richardson (JSNTSup 108; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1994), 222–239.
N.T. Wright, “Two Radical Jews: a review article of Daniel Boyarin, A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity,” Reviews in Religion and Theology 3 (1995): 15–23.
N.T. Wright, “Romans and the Theology of Paul,” in Pauline Theology, Volume III, eds. David M. Hay & E. Elizabeth Johnson, (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1995), 30–67. (Republished, with minor alterations, from SBL 1992 Seminar Papers, ed. E. H. Lovering, pp. 184–213).
N.T. Wright, “The Letter to the Galatians: Exegesis and Theology,” in Between Two Horizons: Spanning New Testament Studies and Systematic Theology, eds. Joel B. Green & Max Turner (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2000), 205–36.
In my opinion, Kevin Bush has put us in his debt, with the permission of Wright of course, in making these excellent articles available for public consumption. One may not agree with everything Wright has to offer, but one cannot deny both his influence and his arguments.

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