Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rapture: R U Ready?

Chris Tilling notes:
While "rapture" end-time expectations definitely don't ring my theological bells, suspend your disbelief for a moment, because we have it from the experts:The current chance of rapture is: 71.5%
(P.S. One nice touch is that the experts making these calculations have also generated a "rapture index", which, according to their own theologically astute words, is in a "fasten your seat belts" state-of-alert at the moment.)
I am by no means a rapture fan, as not only is it theologically bankrupt - exegetically obscure - but it has caused numerous head-aches with people just swallowing this and then beginning to propagate the myths even further. And the site that Chris draws from is sufficient evidence of this position...


Chris Tilling said...

Well, this Chris Tilling clearly knows what he is talking about. I couldn't agree more.

Gareth Naude said...

I've seen some bankrupt stuff, but this site takes some serious biscuit

Gareth Naude said...

The site you linked to that is. Not your site ;)

Chris Tilling said...

... an important qualification!

Alan S. Bandy said...

I myself find the rapture not only theologically bankrupt but also a serious deviation away from the biblical text. At some future point, I intend to write an article arguing for a complete abandonment of the term "rapture" in favor of the biblical concept of "the resurrection of the saints." Those who insist on the rapture as one of the most significant endtimes events fail to realize that the Scripture looks forward to the resurrection of the saints as the climax of the eschatological and soteriological expectations for Christians.