Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Response

Ken Ristau has a delightful response to the blog about Did Bush Exist?
Imaginative stories like these can be rather useful in a classroom setting in getting students to realise what's at stake in our historical Jesus discussions. It also shows that some constructions of history, though seemingly coherent - actually lack the epistemic warrants needed to reliably tell us what happened, and why. I'm collecting all of these, even the hermeneutical one's about stop signs and Bush because they're very clever and helpful. And using 'parabolic humour' to illustrate scholarship, well, that just sounds like Jesus' way of doing things - which then leads to further discussions in a classroom setting.
So if you know of any more, please blog them or let me know. Thanks much!

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Chris Tilling said...

Hi Sean,
Well, this may not be all that helpful, but during my undergrad years, a book was floating around that attempted a mocking JEDP reading of a classic novel... but sorry, I cannot remember the title or author. Hmmm. That's actually really not much help.